Le Jardin Collection: A Tale of Artistry, Passion, and International Collaboration

At Dovita, we are overjoyed to unveil our latest masterpiece – the enchanting Le Jardin Collection, an ode to bridal elegance and the epitome of wedding perfection. Crafted through a seamless collaboration between two talented teams from Istanbul and Milan, consisting of 12 skilled artisans, our collection is a celebration of love and artistry. Join us on a captivating journey through the passion of handwork, intricate details, and the international flair that defines Le Jardin.

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The Art of Handcrafted Elegance


What sets Le Jardin apart is the sheer dedication and artistry invested in each wedding gown. Picture this – 2,500 meticulously hand-collected and laser-treated butterflies adorn one dress, while another boasts 365 hand-gathered roses. The assembly of the butterfly-adorned gown alone takes a remarkable 18 days, showcasing our unwavering commitment to perfection for your special day.


Creative Breakthrough in Wedding Couture


Breaking new ground, our bridal collection experienced a transformative journey guided by a professional artist who utilized watercolor and introduced 3D effects for the first time. The sketches, meticulously crafted over an impressive span of 2.5 months, served as the cornerstone for a unique and visually stunning collection, perfect for your dream wedding.


Collaborative Creativity for Your Wedding Day


The Le Jardin Collection represents a collaborative effort that involved our partners for the first time in the collection's development. Their insights, wishes, and recommendations have been carefully woven into the fabric of Le Jardin, making it a true embodiment of collective creativity tailored to elevate your wedding experience.


From Concept to Le Jardin: Bridal Elegance Personified


The journey to the perfect name was an adventure in itself. Changing the collection's title four times, we finally settled on Le Jardin, inspired by the butterflies that graced our sketches. Translating to "garden," Le Jardin encapsulates the essence of our collection – a flourishing, enchanting garden of bridal elegance designed to make your wedding day truly magical.

  wedding dress with a long train new collection 2024 Dovita Wedding dress  

International Flair


Introducing a new dimension to our projects, a talented team from Lebanon joined us for the first time in capturing the essence of the Le Jardin Collection through a lens. Their unique perspective adds a touch of international allure to the visual storytelling of this exquisite collection.


Le Jardin: More Than a Collection, a Wedding Symphony


Le Jardin is more than a collection; it's a labor of love, a symphony of artistry, and a testament to the power of collaboration. Each wedding gown is precisely designed to embody a complete look, from veils and boleros to detachable sleeves and other accessories. We invite you to explore the Le Jardin Collection and experience the magic of a garden brought to life in every stitch on your wedding day.

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