How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2023

While outings in crowded areas are off the table, there are loads of options to make Valentine's Day feel particularly important this year, it just takes a dash of creativity. Below are four ideas to get you started and some inspiration.


Cook a Romantic Meal


Food is one of the main love languages so this one’s a no-brainer. Whether you’re a novice chef or a kitchen regular, there’s plenty of ways to whip up a delicious meal regardless of skill level. Hint: Pasta’s always a crowd-pleaser.


Do a Zoom Wine Tasting


Connect with other loved ones in your life that you can’t see IRL right now and host a wine tasting on Zoom. The best approach is to pick a couple of reds and whites to pair with a cheese or two and share the list with your friends ahead of time. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, there are several companies and wineries that will host and lead a virtual wine tasting for you.


Make Valentine Candy Grams


Go for nostalgia this Valentine’s Day and make candy grams. Have fun with it and bring out the arts and crafts supplies! Most importantly, don’t forget the candy selection.


Create An At-Home Spa Day


Pamper your partner (and yourself) by creating a thoroughly relaxing at-home spa day. Set the mood with a few candles, soft music, and fresh towels and robes. Next, cut up some limes and cucumbers and create your own batch of spa water. After that, you can do anything from drawing a luxurious bath to giving each other massages — whatever de-stresses and soothes should be on your to-do list!