Dovita's Sparkling Partner Showcase: A Bridal Wonderland for the New Year

The wedding bells are ringing, and Dovita is turning the spotlight onto its partners with an extraordinary showcase event that's as magical as a winter wedding. Get ready for the Dovita Partner Showcase Contest, where creativity meets celebration, and your store can shine in the bridal spotlight.

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Embracing New Year Vibes: A Festive Affair


Dovita invites all its cherished partners to infuse their storefronts or corners with the enchantment of New Year vibes. Picture a bridal wonderland adorned with the latest Dovita dresses, each gown a testament to timeless elegance. The aim? To capture the magic and share the festive joy on Instagram.


How to Join the Celebration?


From December 11th to December 20th, transform your shop window or corner into a breathtaking New Year showcase featuring Dovita dresses. Capture the essence by posting captivating photos and videos on your Instagram feed, reels, and stories. Don't forget to tag @dovita and spread the love!


The Grand Prize Awaits: Your Shop in the Spotlight


The top 5 most enchanting showcases will be awarded a coveted spot on Dovita's social media. Imagine your store featured for its creativity and dedication to the art of bridal presentation. But that's not all – each winner will receive a special prize from Dovita, making this contest an unforgettable experience.

  Dovita's Sparkling Partner Showcase: A Bridal Wonderland for the New Year  

Why Join the Contest?


Participating in the Dovita Partner Showcase Contest not only boosts your store's visibility but also creates a buzz around your bridal offerings. It's an opportunity to connect with the engaged couples of the season, as they search for the perfect gown to make their dream wedding a reality.


Share Your Bridal Wonderland: Post. Win!


So, what are you waiting for? Showcase your shop window or corner with New Year vibes, post your masterpiece, and stand a chance to win big with Dovita! Dive into the magic of this festive season and let your bridal creativity shine.

Remember to use the hashtag #DovitaShowcas to maximize your reach and engagement.

Join us in making this Partner Showcase Contest a celebration of love, creativity, and the timeless beauty of Dovita bridal fashion. Happy showcasing!